Man, Norman Music Festival is pretty special, and this picture taken during the festival makes my adopted home town of Norman, OK look like a magical place! If anyone knows who took this picture please tell me so I can credit!!!

Instagram: Apr 24, 2016

What a fun set at Norman Music Festival today with @theannieoakley @sljguitars @michaellynnbyars @mrdaveleach !! Such a nice hometown crowd!! REGRAM from @katielovasz :)

Instagram: Apr 24, 2016

Come see my terrific band and I play on the Bud Light Depot Stage at Norman Music Festival tonight! 6pm!

Instagram: Apr 23, 2016

Nickerchen mit Frank #frankfriday on Thursday

Instagram: Apr 14, 2016

Frank is killing me with cuteness tonight... #frankfriday on monday

Instagram: Apr 5, 2016

Warm weather finally! Backyard sunning and reading after work, so nice...

Instagram: Apr 3, 2016

Medieval Fair day with @rileybisher

Instagram: Apr 2, 2016

@nickjaina is coming to Oklahoma! I'll be playing two shows with him on June 7th at the Woody Guthrie Center and June 8th at The Blue Door ! Nick is based out of Portland, OR and I just finished reading his spectacular book "Get It While You Can" which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award! His show is really unique with a blend of songwriting, atmospheric guitar looping, and live readings from his book and other letters.

Poster by queen.postermaker. @kalynfay

Instagram: Apr 2, 2016

Has it really already been three years? You are missed today as much as ever. Blue violets to you Molina. RIP

Instagram: Mar 16, 2016

Such an inspiring night tonight with @theweatherstation and @basiabulat ! Picture by the Jassmasster

Instagram: Mar 15, 2016

See ya tomorrow in Norman, OK at the Opolis for this fun show with @basiabulat and @theweatherstation !!! I'm playing a weird little set with horns and electric guitar and half finished songs...

Instagram: Mar 13, 2016

Lots o cameras looking in my bedroom right now.....weirrrrrd

Instagram: Mar 11, 2016

My backyard is really nice this evening

Instagram: Mar 10, 2016

Frank helping me with tunes...don't tell him, but I'm not going to give him co-writing credit on any of these new songs...

Instagram: Mar 7, 2016

What are you doing this coming Thursday night!!??? The great @lillyhiatt is in town!!! So I'm dragging her down to @thedeli_norman to play tunes with @misskierston and I !!!

Instagram: Mar 6, 2016

I'm barreling through this book by @nickjaina today and it's pretty incredible...I don't own a highlighter but I wish I had one for this read.

Instagram: Mar 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders for president!!! Man, voting is exciting....I don't care what y'all say...#bernie2016

Instagram: Mar 1, 2016

Night out solo at the ballet :)

Instagram: Feb 28, 2016


Instagram: Feb 26, 2016

VERY excited to be playing a couple of shows at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April in Albuquerque! !!

Instagram: Feb 25, 2016

Soooo @misskierston and I waited in line with over 15,000 people today in Tulsa to hear @berniesanders speak...sadly, we didn't make it in the rally because the building filled up, BUT then, afterwards, he came outside to US (the many still waiting in line)...I ninja jumped on top of a wall to get this close and it was so was so inspiring! I'm still grinning from ear to ear! Get out on March 1st and vote Oklahoma! #bernie2016

Instagram: Feb 25, 2016

If I didn't care so much about this election, I might be tempted to vote for Mr. Roque on Tuesday...purely because of his awesome name

Instagram: Feb 24, 2016

Just in case you think maybe Samantha's orange headed cousin is in town...I guess orange is the new brownish-black

Instagram: Feb 19, 2016

I know it's not Friday but it's been a long time since I've gotten to cuddle with my kitty.... #frankfriday

Instagram: Feb 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day all you lovers of life! Sweatshirt by @stayhomeclubofficial

Instagram: Feb 14, 2016

Thanks for having me out @brandicarlile ! What a great crowd to play for in Atlantic City!!

Instagram: Feb 13, 2016

Thanks for this piece today @brandilyndunning !!!

Instagram: Feb 11, 2016

Finally finally home for a minute

Instagram: Feb 10, 2016

Driving on the moon/Wyoming..I feel like this drive back to Oklahoma is neverending

Instagram: Feb 9, 2016

The amount of times I've fallen asleep in motel rooms with the low volume and soft glow of "Rebel Without A Cause" is actually quite staggering...Tour was good...starting the 3400 mile drive home in the morning

Instagram: Feb 7, 2016

How am I missing this in the town I live in???!! A Bernie parade in little 'ol Cleveland county, Oklahoma!

Instagram: Feb 7, 2016

Rainy walk along the English Bay today

Instagram: Feb 5, 2016

He's my guy....thanks @deadnorthern for the rad shirt! #bernie2016

Instagram: Feb 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to my rock--the intellegent, fiercely independent, deathly funny, gorgeous @rileybisher...You amaze and impress me more and more every day...sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you. I LOVE YOU!

Instagram: Feb 5, 2016

@misskierston keep an eye out because I just bought this on ebay!! Haha :)

Instagram: Feb 5, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday to this little bug. My niece, the Notorious PGC

Instagram: Feb 5, 2016

Pre-show meditation courtesy of my best buddy, Cryptogram

Instagram: Feb 4, 2016

Hey Atlanta! I'm supporting Old Crow Medicine Show and Brandi Carlile at the Fox Theatre on April 30th! See ya there! @crowmedicine @brandicarlile

Instagram: Feb 3, 2016

Snow anyone??

Instagram: Feb 2, 2016

Suddenly I've been transported! I'm in the mountains of Washington but there is a Bavarian village! Dies ist eine schöne Abwechslung, aber ich würde eher in Deutschland sein.

Instagram: Feb 2, 2016

Just over here taking a beautiful drive through the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest on my day off....gosh it's gorgeous! !!

Instagram: Feb 1, 2016

I didn't hate seeing @sharaflea and @honeybeehound in Seattle one single bit...Okla misses you two

Instagram: Feb 1, 2016

Just pulling into Seattle...playing tonight at Sunset Tavern in Ballard! See ya there!

Instagram: Feb 1, 2016

More Pacific Northwest walking....

Instagram: Jan 30, 2016

Looks like this tour that I'm on just got one show longer! I'll be opening for the fantastic @brandicarlile in Atlantic City, NJ on Feb 12th at the Borgata Casino!

Instagram: Jan 28, 2016

If going on walks isn't part of your life, I suggest you try any way to squeeze them in....walking aimlessly has been a true joy in my life recently

Instagram: Jan 27, 2016

Still in Portland, OR for a few more days for this residency at Al's far, so good

Instagram: Jan 27, 2016

All the west coast shows have been great so far and tonight starts my week long residency at Al's Den at the Crystal Hotel in Portland, OR! 7pm-10pm every night Sunday thru Saturday! And it's FREE! I've also curated guest performers to play!

Instagram: Jan 24, 2016

Instagram: Jan 23, 2016

Instagram: Jan 23, 2016