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AZ to CO this week; from Andy the Bass Player

greetings everyone. so much is going on. we just started our tour with langhorne slim a few days ago. now those are some great people. hope you can come out to watch.

we’ll be in these places with those people this week:

Jun 1: Plush; Tucson AZ
Jun 3: The Parish; Austin TX
Jun 5: Wakarusa; Ozark AR
Jun 6: Jackpot Saloon; Lawrence KS
Jun 7: Hi-Dive; Denver CO

also.. i’m just now trying to get used to my new haircut and a clean shave. it was that time of year where feeling fresh is… well… impossible. .. but no shame in trying.
also we had a few days off not too long ago and i got reunited with an old friend. sega genesis. what a trip down all those lanes of memory. hard to believe i still knew the fatality move for sub-zero…

..probably because i didn’t.

..actually went online to find out.

am i proud of that fact?



well thanks for listening.

andy the bass player