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brooklyn, back to the future and cold pizza; from Samantha

Alrighty lovelies….
So the Native American Film and Video Festival went great! I’m kicking back in this fluffy white bed eating some cold pizza and listening to Sarah Jaffe after a long weekend. I played opening night acoustic and then with the boys at the closing party at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Sterlin Harjo’s film Barking Water was beautiful and I was so honored that he used some of our songs in the film. If you get a chance to see it, please do.

In the midst of the festival we took a little hop, skip, and jump over to State College, PA to open for Josh Ritter. He is pretty much the most genuine, decent person I have ever met and his band is super tight. We had a great night at that show.

We’ve been working up some new songs for ya’ll and this is a little peek at first one that has sort of taken fruit.

Another thing to keep in mind is our lengthy tour with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. These are gonna be some fun shows at some great venues and I’m really looking forward to having another girl on tour with me 😉

Some other things….
-If there is anything in the world that is inspiring me right now, its this….be blessed
-New York City cops really aren’t that bad, in fact, they are pretty nice.
-Ben Wigler of the band, Arizona, has the voice of an alien angel (that is good, believe me)
-Back to the Future never gets old.

This is all for now I think


  • Posted on March 30