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Carolinas and Screwy Keyboards; from Stephen

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and that the time change didn’t make anyone late for anything.  In recent news, we’re into about two weeks of touring and things have been going great.  Its been awesome touring with our new friend William Elliot Whitmore and his band.  We’re headed to the Carolinas to bring the rock next so I hope y’all are ready. We’ll be in Chapel Hill @ the Local 506 tonight, then the New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC tomorrow. After that, we have a day off and then it’s up to Richmond, VA for a show at Mojo’s. Then, we’ll do our last three dates with WEW, in DC, PA and MI before heading down to SxSW. Click here for the full schedule.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who has let us crash at their homes.  You all are amazing and we would not be in as good of shape as we are now without your help…so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Also, its hard for me to write updates or anything on my computer because the “t’ button types simultaneously with the “5” and the “y” types simultaneously with the “6” so every time I hit a “t” or a “y” I have to backspace.  So this is what my post would of looked like if I didnt correct the mistakes:

“Hey6 every6one,

I hope y6ou are all doing well and t5hat5 t5he t5ime change didnt5 make any6one lat5e for any6t5hing.  In recent5 news, we’re int5o about5 t5wo weeks of t5ouring and t5hings have been going great5. it5s been awesome t5ouring wit5h our new friend William Elliot5 Whit5more and his band.  We’re headed t5o t5he Carolinas t5o bring t5he rock next5 so I hope y6’all are ready6.  I just5 want5 t5o say6 t5hanks t5o every6one who has let5 us crash at5 t5heir homes.  ou are all amazing and we would not5 be in as good of shape as we are now wit5hout5 y6our help…so from t5he bot5t5om of our heart5s, t5hank y6ou.  Also, it5s hard for me t5o writ5e updat5es or any6t5hing on my6 comput5er because t5he “t5” but5t5on t5y6pes simult5aniously6 wit5h t5he “t5” and t5he “y6” t5y6pes simult5aneously6 wit5h t5he “y6” so every t5ime I his a “t5” or a “y6″ I have t5o backspace.  So t5his is what5 my6 post5 would of looked like if I didnt5 corrrect5 t5he mist5akes…y6eah it5s annoy6ing.”

See you soon.


  • Posted on March 9