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christmastime: a note from andy the bass player

christmas time was here.
many gifts were exchanged.
many lights were lit.
all wishes came true.
snow covered waterfalls glistened like sugar plums dancing in the heads of rich children.
street lamps were filled with garlands of fresh mistletoe.

lets just say it was quite a holiday season.

it got down to 6 degrees the other day. it was so cold that my snow man …. well nevermind…

do you think that people would eat m-n-m’s with chestnuts in them? actually… does anyone eat chestnuts at all? has anyone ever seen a chestnut?! maybe its one of those christmas myths like st. nick and his magical penguins that make all the toys. here’s another thing. isn’t it kind of obvious that penguins don’t know how to make a nintendo DS? … but then again… they do have TWO flippers.

so this goes out to the crafty penguins in the north pole.

happy holidays!

andy the bass player

  • Posted on December 29