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Daytrotter and Radio Interview, from Stephen

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to let you guys know that our Daytrotter session will be posted on their website ( this Friday, January 16th. That session was a part of the last leg of our tour in ’08, so our performance may reflect what was going on at that point in our lives.

The day before the session, we had traveled from Concord, NC all the way to Rock Island, IL for a total of about 900 miles. Disarrayed and disheveled, we had hoped to find peace and rest for the day to come in a La Quinta hotel/resort/day spa. We found nothing of the sort. Although the entire wing where we stayed in was almost completely vacant, we somehow landed a room next to some guests that were having an intense pizza party. Their shenanigans and loud music made it very difficult for us to sleep. Jacob had been doing push ups and taking vitamins, so he felt pretty confident about confronting them himself … I won’t get into details, but let’s just say we didn’t hear anything from them after that. The next morning, still a little exhausted from the night before, we made it to Daytrotter and somehow managed to cut the tracks in one take.

So, among things mentioned and unmentioned we hope you enjoy the article and songs that emerged from some crazy times. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this upcoming tour in the spring.

Take care,

PS – Samantha recently did an on-air interview with Earthsongs. It airs on KNBA in Alaska, as well as 60 other stations. You can also listen online here. The interview will be on air this Thursday at 10AM and Sunday at 6PM AKST (4 hours behind EST). Tune in if you can!

  • Posted on January 12