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End of Year Blogs and more, from Samantha

Hi lovelies!

Samantha here…hope you have been enjoying the words from all members of SC&TMS via these weekly updates….

First, I would just like to say that if you haven’t heard of Paleo, you need to take an afternoon and meet him and his songs here (…I’ve never met him but I’ve followed him for a few years and I really respect him and his observance of simplistic living, hard work ethic, and his self-sufficient, competent approach to music marketing, touring, and production…..there needs to be more positive insurgents like him influencing and leading modern artists into the new way of DIY and independence.

On a different note, I’m still feeling the holiday cheer in full force here in Grand Rapids. All the snow and the warm hearts of all my enchanting friends make it seem like Christmas will go on perpetually.

Our humble little EP The Confiscation did manage to make a few end of the year lists if you’re interested:

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends
Blurt Magazine Writer Jamie Gadette
This Mornin’ I am Born Again Best EPs and Best Songs
I Hope Your Ears Bleed
I Correct Myself I Mean All the Time
Each Note Secure
Light In the Attic Records and Distribution

Now I need to go clean my apartment and fold my laundry and all those other sorts of domestic sorts of things that I actually love to do so much. All my love you in the new year! And according to a dear 4-year old friend of mine, Peter Dark, when the new president comes, he’ll get dressed all by himself.


  • Posted on January 5