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Dying at the crossroads of “people are blueprints” and “people are ever-changing” is the old Jekyll and Hyde idea, the idea that there are two sides to people, an evil and a good, dark and light. Now, I almost whole-heartedly believe people are much more elaborate and convoluted than that, but the simplicity of the notion is so romantic, so effortless that I want to believe it. This design explains the actions and feelings of people in a way that seems so easy and ancient. It seems relevant to the universe in that it mirrors nature’s day and night, death and life, the contradictions that are apparent in all of the motions of society and science. At a time when someone I loved had wronged me, it was much easier to apply this suggestion of the soul of man than to believe it could be more complicated and involved. Exact opposites and a black/white mentality were my easy way out, my way to muddle through my sadness.