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From Stephen, in Texas

Hello everyone,

Sitting in Austin Tx with some gracious people who have decided to let us crash at their place for the night…maybe two nights. You never know. We just played our first of three shows with Justin Townes Earl in Gruene (about 45 minutes south of Austin). The show went well, Justin and his crew were amazing and the crowd was very nice. Looking forward to the next two shows.

So, I bought some Scotch Bright pads and I’ll tell you why. I’ve learned that rubbing the gloss off the back of the neck of your guitar can increase your slidability — lessening your chances of screwing up your solos in front of a bunch of people. Well, if you were a good guitar player you probably don’t need anything to increase your playability. So that advice goes out to everyone who needs an excuse to justify your poor performance skills.

But really, thanks to all who came out to the show and who will be coming out to the next couple of shows. We are very excited to play for you guys and make some new friend.

Until next time…


PS- Our new album cover is finished and ready for your peepers, here!

  • Posted on December 15