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Goodbye Avett Bros, hello OK; from Samantha

halito all!

Samantha here…I’m in Chicago and sitting in the house of my dear friends in the band Berry… tour with The Avett Brothers has truly been amazing. We’ve played to such large and enthusiastic audiences and everyone has been so kind to us and accepting too…

Favorite times of the Avett tour:

Grand Rapids: Seeing my winter friends and hugging them all the time.

Akron: Playing in the most beautiful place I’ve ever played, Akron Civic Music Hall, hanging out with my dears, Jessica and David Mayfield, and eating the famous breakfast at Steve’s house in Grafton (Bob Evans gravy, courtesy of Steve’s dad).

Columbus: You guys were so rowdy, probably because they served your beer in 2 pint jugs…such a fun night though and Bob Crawford started joining us on stage for “Bananafish Revolution.”

Covington: I’ll have you know Cincinnati is the chili capital of the WORLD! I really like Cinci and Covington is beautiful too…i need to visit that area more…we all had so much energy that night and i think ya’ll felt it…also I felt really cool that I was recognized (like a famous person, haha) in Chipotle.

Lexington: Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour! wooo! we got to play this with Bluegrass legends, Doyle Lawson and Quiksilver!…Red Roof Inns are decorated weird, me and probably 30 other people were sprayed with pepper spray acidentally during the Avett show, the volunteer staff at the Kentucky Theatre are SO kind!, Kentucky is beautiful, and Sam Lamb is always good company.

St. Louis: So good to have a sort of “homecoming show” with half the town of Perryville out (haha), Vintage Vinyl is my favorite record store and it is still hard to get around STL with 64 closed.

Des Moines: Hoyt Sherman Theatre was awesome, Priceline was awesome, the guys who yelled “that’s huge!” after we played Lions was awesome, and that little community grocery/market we went was awesome…and I didn’t get pooped on by a bird like last time I was in Des Moines.

St. Paul: The ZOO! I saw a tiger…didn’t have time to see the monkeys :(…seeing Ben Weaver was great!, it was a beautiful night and the show almost got rained out but ya’ll stuck it out and the rain held off.

Chicago: What a great last show with the Avetts! at the really cool House of Blues. the crowd was packed in tight and so nice to us…we’ll miss all the Avetts and the crew…its been a good run and we’ll do it again soon…we love ya’ll Pete, Yankee Doodle, Travis, Dane, Kevin, Scott, Seth, Bob, and Joekwoncrain.

Well, we have a few days off now and I’m going to go running and sleep a lot and watch all the episodes of Ugly Betty and House I’ve been missing and go check out Sam Lamb’s new farm and go eat brats and play with fireworks with my family down in the Kiamichi Mountains…love love love…you all are so good to us!


  • Posted on June 29