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Home for the Holidays, from Jacob

It was the best of times and almost the worst of times. We just got back from a string of shows in Texas with a superhuman fellow from Nashville named Justin Townes Earl. After a short break in November it felt real nice playing in warmer weather again. We had a good time in Austin hanging with our old friend Ali Harter and a few of her friends. We played at the Cactus Cafe for an almost sold out crowd, and I think that night was my favorite time seeing Justin and his band.

The Mucky Duck in Houston fits into my top 10 favorite places we have ever played. They had a cheeseburger there that was super yummy as well. We decided to leave the Mucky Duck around midnight Tuesday and drive all the way back to Perryville, MO. I really hated to leave Justin and his boys but we were eager to get back home for the holidays.

We drove through the night and busted a drive shaft on the west side of Memphis around noon. It was a bum deal but my father was kind enough to cancel his piano lessons for the day and rescue us…THANKS DAD. Andy, Stevie and I left for Perryville with my dad; while after getting the land rover repaired, Samantha headed back to Oklahoma. Stephen ended up blowing a water pump in Southern IL that night, but made it home safely to Nashville that next morning.

In the end, we all made it home to our families for the holidays, but we sure had a hell of a time getting back. With this crazy string of events under our belts, we are looking for a more reliable and practical vehicle for our tours this coming spring. If anyone would like to donate a van that would be super!

We have some time off now to clear our heads and spend time with our families. We are very excited to hear that while I write the new album is being manufactured. I wish everyone Happy Holidays and luckier travels that we have had this season.

Heres to heat…


  • Posted on December 22