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Josh Ritter and Brooklyn this week; from Andy

Hey out there!
We had another busy week. This time we stayed in one state, but spent a lot of time in traffic. We were at “South By” in Austin all week. We had a lot of fun, and then there were times that weren’t so fun. And some were in the middle. But, the times where we got to see our friends and, well, you.. those were great.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who came to see us and especially those who wished me a happy birthday on Friday. Oh, and thanks to Sterlin Harjo, too, who was down there with us filming for the second installment of his ‘mini-documentaries’ on us. (the first one is here). Hopefully that will be up on the internets, getting lots of hits soon for you all to see.

This week, we’re heading to Pennsylvania and New York City. On Saturday, the 28th, we’ll be in State College, PA to open a show for Josh Ritter at the State Theatre. Then, on Sunday we’ll be in Brooklyn at Southpaw to play as part of the Native American Film and Video Festival.

Okay. That’s all for now. We will see you soon.

-Andy the bass player

PS – If you want to hear a rule that you can’t live without if you wanna stay in school, make sure to click here.

  • Posted on March 25