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Midnight Shivers New Year Reunion! (from Jacob)

This weekend, old Andy and I headed down to Nashville to catch up with Stephen and some other friends (old and new). We sure did have some good times hangin at Chick-Fil-A, meeting some ladies and even catching a glimpse of Alan Jackson at Borders.

Andy had a few shows to play with a buddy of ours so we went down Thursday and got back late Saturday. I got a chance to spend time with my old dog Daisy. Actually, Daisy belongs to Stephen now, but Stephen and our roommates adopted her in our final semester of college a few years ago. I think I will petition for some pictures of daisy on the website and maybe discuss her becoming the mascot for the Midnight Shivers. Maybe we could even teach her to play the kazoo and have her come out on stage with us for a song or two.

I am getting anxious to get out on the road to play for you all in a couple of months. In the meantime I’ve been doing fifty push-ups a day and practicing some stuff out of Ted Reed’s book, Syncopation for the Modern Drummer. If there are any drummers out there, this book is a very good investment.

I hope everyone is staying warm and getting enough Vitamin C. Please stay tuned as we should have some announcements about upcoming tours coming soon.

This one goes out to Nashville,

  • Posted on January 20