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OK and TX this week + Shows with Langhorne Slim and SXSW

The time has come. The day is here. We are leaving home.

We’re heading to Oklahoma for a bit to practice up, and then we’re heading off to start our first tour of the season – with William Elliott Whitmore. On Friday, the 27th, we’ll be playing at Opolis in Norman, OK. Then, on Saturday, we’ll head down to Austin, TX to play at Stubb’s BBQ. On Sunday, it’s over to Denton, TX to play at a little place called Rubber Gloves.

We also recently added a couple of tour dates with Langhorne Slim & the War Eagles in late May / early June and a few more parties and showcases at SXSW (including the Hotel Cafe showcase, the Oklahoma party, put together by our friends at DFest and the Paste Party on Wednesday). Click here to see all our tour dates and to generally bask in the scrumptrulesence that is our upcoming tour.

So, two cannibals are sitting across from each other, feasting on a clown. One looks at the other and says, “does something taste funny to you?”

Nope? No. Not funny.

Andy the bass player

  • Posted on February 24