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News from the road!

hey ya’ll! i’m writing to you from IOTA in Arlington, VA….we are having a blast on tour with frontier ruckus and they should be arriving here soon to join us for foodskis and sound check…i hope ya’ll get to catch one of these shows we’re playing with them….i had a great day in philadelphia yesterday […]

  • Posted on June 26

Album Review in The Washington Post!

6.18.2010 SAMANTHA CRAIN “You (Understood)” Kindred spirits: Mary Gauthier, Bonnie Raitt Show: With Frontier Ruckus on Thursday at Iota. Show starts at 8:30 p.m. 703-522-8340. Samantha Crain has parted ways with her band, the Midnight Shivers, but who would notice? Since the 23-year-old Oklahoma native burst onto the scene with her 2007 release “The […]

  • Posted on June 21


A romantic relationship ends. It hurts to think about this, it hurts to think about that, you think you will never feel like a whole person again, and then time passes. The experiences become more abstract; they get summarized and filed away. The feelings toward that person become a strange baffling elixir of wistfulness, biology, […]

  • Posted on June 21


I feel for anyone having to navigate themselves into adulthood during these times. Where there used to be 4 options to the multiple choices questions of life, there are now 40. Images and sounds and smells and tastes are prodding at most of us all day, every day. There is no silence for reflection, no […]

  • Posted on June 20

Santa Fe

Michael Jackson died last year, so did Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Walter Cronkite. All of our iconic famous faces, the untouchable larger than life personalities of pop culture, are disappearing and, in their place, we have our new “celebrities” smothering the ranks. They are rock stars without personalities and trademarks, they are actors without charm […]

  • Posted on June 18