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Up On The Table

I co-wrote this song with a Chicago-based songwriter, Becky Beighley (All That Noise For Feeling). I’d never written a song with anyone before and wanted to give it a go. I never asked her what the words she had written meant to her before I finished the song. I wanted to guess, to try and […]

  • Posted on June 15

Holdin’ That Wheel

Sometimes you encounter a person who has the mysterious ability to maneuver your emotions by doing nothing other than going along with their daily business. Immediately, there is an aspiration to parallel your own self with theirs, to live as they live, to mimic them like a little boy scurrying behind in the shadow of […]

  • Posted on June 14

Paste Magazine Review of You (Understood)!

On her sophomore full-length release, Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter Samantha Crain takes an 11-song glance over her young shoulder, each track the result of an interaction with a particular person, time and place. Not surprisingly, You (Understood) isn’t exactly cohesive, scurrying from the wistful bounce of “Blueprints” to fuzzed-out guitars on broken-heart anthem “Two-Sidedness,” but Crain more […]

  • Posted on June 12

Religious Wind

When the clichéd phrases “butterflies in my stomach” or “stars in my eyes” aren’t enough to express your ludicrous joy in being with someone, don’t hesitate to enlist metaphors of God-like forces of nature, the vibrations and songs of the spheres, and dramatic choral voices to aid in getting your point across. I did.

  • Posted on June 12

We Are The Same

In moments of brutal love, we make outrageous statements that plead to overrule every all patterns of human behavior. To say to someone “we are the same” is to think your situation is the sole beneficiary of complete love and knowledge and peace, and that is pretentious and blind. But, I suppose, loving someone makes […]

  • Posted on June 10