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Songs in the Night - In Stores Tomorrow! From Samantha

Halito lovelies…
We’re in Santa Fe today about to make our way out to San Diego once everyone get some much needed rest. The album comes out tomorrow! So please go out and pick up a copy, complete with stunning artwork by Chad Mount AKA tribalbot. You can get the album on Amazon, iTunes, emusic – or at your local record store!

We’ve been excited for all the great reviews we’ve read (Rolling Stone, Paste, etc) but what we really got a kick out of were some reviews of the album by the third grade class that my mom teaches out in McLoud, OK. Here are a few for you to read:


“songs in the night.  you sound like your happy and singing to a baby to make it fall asleep. Scissor tales.  I think of a big bird..  The state bird. all your songs sound the same.”

“you omost sond like the joans bruthers in songs in the night are you yoosing a bass i love your voos. i rely like the trmpt in one of the sungs.”

“I like the tunes and your singing.  I have herd the song Rising Sun on the radio befor. I thank you sound like Colby Callay. In the song Scissortails it kinda sounds like countrey music.  it sounds like you are traped somewhere and you are trying to get out. The singing ROCKS!”

“bull fight is the awesomest song ever.  I liked the holl song but I like the beginning of the song and the getar at the end. devils in boston is vary cool!!!!! What is a wambash train? And how do you get tucked in by it?”

“I like the song Calm Down.  It is very calmming.  It sounds like you are helping someone but I don’t know who. The song Sissortail reminds me of my sister because she crys in the back seat alot.  I think it is really neat to have a teacher who has a famous daughter.  I hope I can me you and the MIdnight Shivers someday.  If I do I would like to get your auto graphs.”


My life was changed in Fort Worth, TX a few nights ago, let me tell you why. I am a pretty big fan of ginger ale. I get pretty excited about it. Its become my new Dr.Pepper because, unlike DP, you can find ginger ale in ANY part of the country and other countries too. Well, we pulled up to Lola’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards and I, almost immediately walked up the pretty blonde girl at the bar and asked for a ginger ale.

Blonde Girl: “Well we just ran out of it yesterday but I can mix a Coke and Sprite for you?”
Samantha: “What’s that?”
Blonde Girl: “Yeah you mix Coke and Sprite and its pretty much just like ginger ale.”
Samantha: “Okay…I’ve never had that before but sure. Can you do it with diet?”

So this is where my eyes were opened. Diet Coke and Sprite mixed together tastes much like and BETTER than Ginger Ale. Who knew? Now I REALLY CAN get ginger ale anywhere.

A few other things I’d like to mention are that we have new tshirts for sale at our shows and a new sticker designed by Ben Weaver. Also, thank you so much to anyone that has let us crash at their place after shows on this tour. You all have been wonderful….the hospitality you provide really makes that little bit of time we spend with you very restful….you are what keeps live music and touring musicians alive!

A very tired Samantha

PS – Sterlin Harjo put up a few more live videos of us from SxSW. You can check them out here

  • Posted on April 28