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SPIN Premieres “Never Going Back” Video

SPIN has premiered the brand new video for “Never Going Back” directed by LAMAR+NIK!



In the remarkable video for Samantha Crain’s “Never Going Back,” the Oklahoma-born Americana artist comes to life in a most unusual way. Directors LAMAR+NIK began by shooting a normal video against a plain white backdrop, with Crain and her hirsute fiddle player doing what they do best: charming the camera with raw ability and gorgeous melody. But then the guys in charge of the shoot did a very strange thing: they printed out all 3,800-plus frames of the video they’d made, painstakingly hand-cut each one, then laid them all out in a row — a track, essentially, that the camera would follow for one long take so that the final product would be something like a flip book made for film. The final shot was later sped up to match the music, so that Crain’s lips indeed match the words coming out of them.

  • Posted on January 25