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SxSW this week; from Jacob

Well, hey everyone.

We’ve been real busy driving all over the place playing shows. In the past nine days, we were in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We had a great time playing shows with William Elliott Whitmore and hope we get to see those guys again soon.

Today, we’re heading down to TX to play some shows at SxSW over the next week. We’ll be here:

Wed, March 18th: Radio Room, Paste Day Party, 1PM
Thurs, March 19th: Palm Door, Oklahoma Day Party, 5:35PM
Fri, March 20th: Victorian Room @ Driskill Hotel, ASCAP Showcase, 11:30PM
Sat, March 21st: The Ale House, Hotel Café Showcase, 9PM

We’re excited that a lot of our friends will be there and we’re betting that we will get lots of free t-shirts and stickers. So, we can’t wait. We hope you’ll come out to a show or showcase or party or gathering down at “South By”, as the cool kids call it.

Cats and Horseflies,

  • Posted on March 16