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Thanks to the US, NC this week; From Samantha

Let me start by congratulating myself and the Shivs for not catching THE DREADED SWINE on this tour with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down and Sister Suvi. Our vitamin regimen, supplied in full by Mr. Crain AKA coolest dad ever AKA R.D.D (Rickey Dale Daddy), has powered us to stand atop the healthy touring band Olympic platform.

The tour with the two aforementioned bands over the lasts month has been inspiring in ways I can’t fully wrap my head around right now but I would like the thank them for the following:

1) My body feels good due to a full irrigation every night. I have never sweated so much on stage in my entire life but I was handed a maraca and a microphone and proceded to go crazy on the stagey even after our set was finished. Thank you for the opportunity to slightly embarass you all on many songs.
2) Merrell of Sister Suvi, thank you for letting me know I need not be embarrassed to have in tow a small cooler full of carrots, berries, sushi, and celery when all the forces of bars, venues, and musicians pressure me to eat Taco Bell or a sandwich such as the one in Denver at the Hi Dive which counts macaroni and cheese, chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce as a few of its ingredients.
3) Patrick of SS and Canada, thank you for playing a left handed electric guitar upside down
4) Willis the Stay Down, glad I could be your little buddy. Your merchandising skills impress.
6) Thao, you deserve a higher number than 5 so i went ahead and just skipped to 6. I will, at anytime and without question, call out annoying and heckling audience members for you and embarrass them to the point of leaving. Its just what friends do.
7) Seven is a perfect number and Adam the Get Down’s groovin’ bass playin’ head bobs are perfection.
8) Nico of SS and the North Country, for your beverage creations…i will not release the secret ingrediants to the world, but you are genius.
9) Dempsey. Oh Dempsey. I’m glad you think we’re funny.
10) Truck. Thanks for not breaking down yet.

And so, we move forward. Onto another tour and more adventurous ginger ale tasting.

This week, we will be in North Carolina for two shows. The first is this Friday, 5/22 in Charlotte and the second is Saturday, 5/23 in Winston-Salem at the Garage. We will be playing at The Visulite as part of Ramseur Records Night. The show will feature 5 acts from the Ramseur fold: us, Frontier Ruckus, Bombadil, Paleface and Jim Avett. There are some other cool things happening that night, that are worth mention, so let’s keep this list thing going:

1) Everyone who buys a ticket to the show will receive 10% off of their next purchase at Lunchbox Records – a great locally owned and operated record store in Charlotte (1419-A Central Ave, (704) 331-0788,
2) Everyone who buys a ticket will also be entered to win a $100 shopping spree at Lunchbox Records!
3) A portion of the night’s proceeds will be donated to Kids First of the Carolinas, a really great local charity.
4) If you can’t make it to the show, Stage-Cast, a new company based in NC, will be providing a live video stream of the show – available here. You can watch some videos from all the artists performing there now, and you can watch the show live on the day of. Also, portions of the show will be archived on the site in the near future.

We are really looking forward to celebrating and playing with our extended Ramseur family. We hope you’ll come out and join us.

Until then I remain, in the midst of this great lonesome country,