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Tour Update, from Samantha

halo lovelies!
well its day three into the tour right now. i am sitting in a room above the stage at rubber gloves in denton, tx while william elliott whitmore is playing below. we’ve really enjoyed WEW and his band. they showed us how to play a game called shut the box which i am actually horrible at. stubb’s bbq in austin was amazing last night. we ate so much free bbq and watched flogging molly play the outside stage before us. then we woke up to samantha lamb (an amazing photographer traveling with us) cooking a wonderful sunday brunch.

we are off to houston tomorrow and i just want to re-announce that we are need of places to sleep on tour so if you are coming to any of the shows and you can spare a floor, we’d be happy to occupy it for a night….just let us know on the myspace. And to check out all the places we’ll be this week and beyond, click on our tour dates page.

oh and we just added a performance at Wakarusa this summer….so that’s fun, right?!

also, i just want to direct you to this video of a song called “goodbye blue” by justin vanhaven (of summer and starlight)  i like it and think you will too

stephen wants everyone to know that he’s sad that we aren’t good…..i’m not sure what that means…

here is a poem we wrote tonight:

Lamps by Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers

Some lamps are brown
Some lamps are thick
If don’t like lamps
You can flick a BIC (lighter)

see you soon.


  • Posted on March 1