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Up On The Table

I co-wrote this song with a Chicago-based songwriter, Becky Beighley (All That Noise For Feeling). I’d never written a song with anyone before and wanted to give it a go. I never asked her what the words she had written meant to her before I finished the song. I wanted to guess, to try and tap into what she meant by her lines and finish out her thoughts. My best guess and inspiration for completing the song was a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment, of moving past youth and uneasiness (“wearing roller skates on a public path in the pouring rain”) into a new realm of confidence and adaptability (“when the hornets came buzzing in my hair I wore them like a hat until they disappeared”) and jumping up on a table is a pedestal, a platform for new found triumph. However, if you ever asked Becky what she had in mind for this song, I’m sure I was way off.

  • Posted on June 15