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Update! New album in the works!

Hey all!

I’m writing you from the library on my lunch break from work (yep, I’m back waiting tables again)….Just wanted to get you all up to speed on what’s happening. I’m not currently touring right now. We’re in need of a new touring vehicle, as I’ve whined about before, and so we’re on a hiatus until that gets fixed up. We are running a Feed the Muse page where you can donate to the touring vehicle fund and there are different prizes for different donation levels. If you’ve already donated on our old blog page, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I won’t talk much more about that though. Just know I am hoping I can get back out on the road soon to see you all.

I do have a few shows that we’re sneaking in:

Jan 28 at Uptown Grill in LaSalle, IL
Jan 29 at Off Broadway in STL with Langhorne Slim and Bobby Bare, Jr.
Feb 28 at Granada Theatre in Dallas, TX with Josh Ritter

I’m working on a new album currently and also a potential collaboration EP with Penny Hill is in the beginning stages as well. I’m also working on a series of dream-related acrylic paintings that I hope to have up for a show sometime in April or March in OKC and perhaps a few other cities as well throughout the year.

I have recently collaborated with Derrick Brown (the poet, gentleman, scholar, and head honcho over at Write Bloody Publishing, Beau Jennings (Oklahoma/Brooklyn folk rock royalty), and Richard Swift (singer/songwriter/producer/short filmmaker) on a new music project called Night Reports. The album called “You’re All Out” just dropped and you can hear it here. Just to make it interesting for y’all, its a Haunted Sports Musical….yeah. The song “Hang on Me Darlin” is a duet I did with Derrick. Check it out.

Lastly, we’ve got a little treat for you…three songs from our last show as Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers. The show was in 2009 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK with the Avett Brothers and it was directed by the always wonderful Sterlin Harjo. Check out the videos here: Devils in Boston, Lions, & Rising Sun. Enjoy watchin’ the old days ya’ll! Steve. Andy. Jacob. CHEERS!

Miss you and miss the road. Be back soon I hope.


  • Posted on January 24