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World Cafe, Virginia and Galaxies; from Stephen

Hey out there,
We’re just sitting here in Pennsylvania, getting ready to go to Philadelphia to record a session on World Cafe with David Dye. We are really excited about it! We’re not sure when our session will air, but we will make sure to let you know.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows in NC with Sam Quinn. We had a blast and hope to do some more in the fall. We even got on the cover of the Creative Loafing in Charlotte as a preview to one of those shows! Click here for that article.

This week, after Philly we’ll head South to take a few days off – then, it’s up to Floydfest in Floyd, VA on Friday and Saturday… then it’s out West to Portland, OR for Pickathon next weekend. Make sure to check out the full lineup for both of those fests… they should be tons of fun.

So… now to the good stuff — what do you think about the Milky Way colliding with the Andromeda Galaxy?  I don’t know about you, but that thing is traveling towards us at about 224,000 miles per hour…which makes me kind of uneasy at times.  I’d like to think that when its about to nail us that our Galaxy wins.  OR!  Maybe both galaxies will become friends and we’ll become one super galaxy and then proceed to take over the cosmos.  It would be like if Batman and Superman decided to join forces against crime…it wouldn’t stand a chance.  It would also be great if we befriended a crab nebula…not only because they look cool, but because I think it would be exteremely beneficial in the domination of the universe.  We might be able to pull it off just with the super galaxy, but with the nebula by our side, nothing could stand in our way…it would be like if Robin helped out Batman and Superman with the crime thing.  Or maybe the Flash…hes cooler that Robin. 

Okay – that’s all for now. See you out there.


  • Posted on July 20