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Singing in Choctaw, Samantha Crain aims to create new traditions

Samantha Crain hopes to create new traditions by singing and writing in Choctaw. Credit: Jeremy Charles/Fire Thief Productions PRI’s The World November 30, 2017 · 2:00 PM EST By Allison Herrera Producer Brandi Fullwood “So much of its original identity is gone because of the Christianization that has happened. If you look around my house, every […]

  • Posted on December 4

Impose: Samantha Crain Talks You Had Me At Goodbye, Living On The Fringes

“On the heels of her third full-length album release (You Had Me At Goodbye, March 2017), Samantha Crain is on absolute fire. Her personality shines through in every aspect of her music, and even moreso when she speaks about her music. Luckily, we had a few moments to ask her some questions, and she came […]

  • Posted on April 5

The Bluegrass Situation 3X3: Samantha Crain on Ashley Judd, Patti Smith, and Red Molly

If I had to live the life of a character in a song, which song would I choose? Read The Bluegrass Situation feature here to find out!

  • Posted on April 4

NPR Weekend Edition

In case you missed it over weekend, listen to my Weekend Edition interview here.

  • Posted on April 3

NEW SONG PREMIERE – “Antiseptic Greeting”

Thank you ROOKIE for premiering “Antiseptic Greeting.” Listen here and check out my interview too! Pre-order “You Had Me At Goodbye” here (US & UK).

  • Posted on February 9