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About Songs in the Night

There is inspiration beyond the crutches of anxiety and self-contempt. A soul realizing its full potential removed from a dim and murky den is a breeding-ground for vision and artistry. Songs In the Night is the account of this excavation for Samantha Crain, a 22-year-old Oklahoma-based songwriter. Crain’s full-length debut is the follow up to 2008’s The Confiscation EP — and her second effort to be released on independent North Carolina label, Ramseur Records. Along with her band the Midnight Shivers (Jacob Edwards, Andrew Tanz and Stephen Sebastian), Crain recorded all eleven tracks in five days at Echo Mountain Studios with producer Danny Kadar (Grizzly Bear, My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers).

Songs In the Night plays out to wander confidently in the badlands where abrasive, jangly indie rock and smooth, whispery folk meet. It chronicles the fear she saw in herself and those around her, that assumed embracing health and clarity would, in turn, destroy every particle of poetry and each grain of ingenuity dwelling within the artist. Crain’s distinct voice presents each song with an unfeigned fervor as it rises and falls over the panorama painted by the Midnight Shivers and their roots-infused, fertile arrangements. As this album unfolds, the listener can rest easy knowing they are not experiencing illusions—and this band can be comforted with the reassurance they have been genuine.

  • Posted on January 9