Latest Press - Samantha Crain named one of Spin Magazine’s 30 Must-Hear Artists at Bonnaroo


With a new album on the way and an upcoming performance at Boonaroo 2010, Samantha Crain was chosen by Spin Magazine as one of the 30 must-hear artists at the festival.

Crain joins the top 30 with other indie and more main stream artists such as Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, The National and Phoenix. All are expected to perform at Bonnaroo, the annual celebration of music in the Tennessee countryside, attended by some 80,000 fans.

Spin Magazine describes Crain as a “23-year-old singer-songwriter’s work is taken straight from the heartland, mixing rural love stories (“Traipsing Through the Aisles”) with laments to the Lord (“The River”), all backed by the subtly-crafted folk of her band, the Midnight Shivers. Her confident storytelling belies her young age.”

Spin Magazine is offering a digital mixtape of the top 30 for free on their website. This is a can’t miss download for any music fan, and is available here.

Crain’s new album You (Understood) drops on June 8. If the trek to Tennessee is a bit too far, Crain will be hosting an album release part in Norman at The Opolis this Saturday. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and start at 9 p.m.. with tickets available at the door for $7.

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  • Posted on June 4