Latest Press - Samantha Crain playing album release show at The Opolis


Samantha Crain playing album release show at The Opolis

In support of the release of her newest album, You (Understood), Oklahoma native Samantha Crain is hosting an album release show on Saturday, May 29 at The Opolis in Norman.
The new album, which officially releases on June 8, will include the opening track Lion, which is currently available for a sneak preview on Crain’s official website,

The track, which was posted online today, was described by Crain on her site:

“For an Oklahoma native, a winter in Grand Rapids, Michigan can be an intensely bleak and phalange-numbing experience. The sun escapes to the southern hemisphere and the ever turbid steel wall of sky hangs low,” Crain writes. “The lion-shaped mounds of glaciated snow pushed to the flanks rise up over the laggard cars and severe buildings. They kidnap our avidity, our devotion, our skin pigments, and our direction with a grip that can only be relaxed by the happening warmth of spring. Mother Nature assures you ‘Gonna get you through this all.'”

Other bands performing at the release show will include Student Film, Zeb Dewar and the Fed and Brine Webb. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and start at 9 p.m.. with tickets available at the door for $7. In addition to the show, Crain will be hosting a pre-show pot luck meal for those who would like to meet up before the show. This will take place at Gray Owl Coffee Shop in Norman from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

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  • Posted on June 3