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New Daytrotter session

Check out my newly released Daytrotter session here.

  • Posted on January 11

The 50 Musicians You Need To Know From Each State In The U.S. (Part 2)

By: Ryan Kristoibak | Culture Trip | November 15th, 2016 Following on from a look at the top 50 male musicians state-by-state across the United States, Culture Trip concludes its two-part installation with the 50 female artists and groups from every corner of the U.S. you need to know right now. Determined to present the next class of musicians on the […]

  • Posted on November 17

Samantha Crain Makes Denver’s Lion’s Lair Her Own Den

By: Sierra Voss | BolderBeat | August 29th, 2016 Denver’s Lion’s Lair lives up to it’s name. The bar is truly a hidden den located on Colfax where wild animals come to retreat from the daily grind. It is quite the quirky atmosphere. The walls are coated with bands stickers, and the windows draped with animal print curtains. Random photos […]

  • Posted on August 29

“Let the Night Sort of Guide Itself”: Samantha Crain Hews to Unique, “Handmade” Sound

By: Alycin Bektesh | Denver Westword | August 23rd, 2016 The older Samantha Crain gets, the more confidence she finds. Samantha Crain’s rich voice and offbeat tone have earned her compliments as a unique singer, but it’s Crain’s heart-on-her-sleeve songwriting and her storytelling during live performances that make her truly special. Crain’s studio recordings are intimate, great for […]

  • Posted on August 23


By: Rachel Rohinsky | DC Music Download | June 24th, 2016 There are some artists who have disposable voices—ones that cannot be distinguished from others and as such, are easily forgettable. On the other hand, there are those whose voices are so unique they instantaneously carve a sonic imprint into your memory. Samantha Crain is in […]

  • Posted on June 27