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Hotel Cafe Tour: Samantha Crain

“One bus, one band and a bunch of friends on the road.” It’s the tag line to what has become one of the most successful singer-songwriter tours of the last few years. And this time around, the Hotel Café Tour is giving it up to the women. Launched by that now venerable Hollywood venue with […]

  • Posted on October 18

Paste Magazine: 22 up-and-coming artists you ignore at your own peril!

Hometown: Shawnee, Okla. Album: The Confiscation EP Why She’s Worth Watching: In a genre often pinned to formulaic sounds and themes, Samantha Crain is re-stitching the seams of Americana to fit her singular artistic vision. The 21-year-old songwriter—recently signed to tasteful North Carolina label Ramseur, which also houses The Avett Brothers and fellow Best of […]

  • Posted on August 10

Paste Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week: Samantha Crain Samantha Crain is not your stereotypical Southerner. Every bit a rural Oklahoman, the twenty-one-year-old with Native American blood and a penchant for tinkering with any instrument she can get her hands on, is rooted firmly in the ideals of folk music. She is earthy and honest, opts for traditional […]

  • Posted on July 21

Go Triad Feature: No mistake, musician is ‘distinctly Oklahoman’

There is something about Samantha Crain’s photograph that kills the surprise while speaking by phone about spending the day salvaging her blueberry bushes from Oklahoma’s winter frosts. Her pleasant face and photographed demeanor seem to fit right into a notion of “Samantha Crain: blueberry cultivator.” The soon-to-be 22-year-old singer-songwriter of Samantha Crain and the Midnight […]

  • Posted on June 13

Charlotte Observer

There’s no better name for Crain’s band than the Midnight Shivers. Led by the Oklahoma Shawnee Indian’s haunting and hypnotic voice, the group plays the kind of songs you can easily imagine coming from a dusty record player as you stumble through a creepy, dark cabin. Not that this EP concerns itself with cheap scares […]

  • Posted on June 8