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Samantha Crain Talks Identity, Politics and Empathy

By: Allison Herrera | KOSU | May 10th, 2016   Singer-songwriter Samantha Crain will tell you her music isn’t country, folk, or rock and roll. She says it’s not an Oklahoma sound either, even though some of her songs portray life in the state’s small towns, back roads, and struggles. Like the song “Elk City,” […]

  • Posted on May 12

Oklahoma songstress to bring powerful voice, story telling to Norman Music Festival

By Mia Pons | The Oklahoma Daily | April 21st, 2016 With powerful lyrics, soulful melodies, and an intense voice, Samantha Crain, an Americana-folk musician and Shawnee, Oklahoma, native, will be one of several headliners at this year’s Norman Music Festival. Crain’s newest album, “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree,” contains interpretations of the struggles and strengths […]

  • Posted on April 25

Earthsongs Featured Artist

I am honored to be this week’s featured artist on Earthsongs! Stream online here: 2/24 Wednesday 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern 2/25 Thursday 11am Alaska/12pm Pacific 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern 2/26 Friday 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern 2/27 Saturday 10am Pacific/12pm Central 11am Alaska/12pm Pacific 1pm Pacific 5pm […]

  • Posted on February 24

The literate vitality of Samantha Crain’s music

By Andy Jones | The Taos News |  January 14th, 2016 Samantha Crain’s latest album, “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree,” was named one of the top 10 albums of 2015 by NPR’s “Folk Alley” and is the songwriter’s fifth album in only six years. The folk and Americana songwriter will be making the only […]

  • Posted on January 15

Samantha Crain’s Hardscrapple Tales Mesmerize

By Michael Fremer | November 13th, 2015 The golden gatefold cover art of Samantha Crain’s Under Branch & Thorn & Tree makes clear that this is not a collection of “good times” tunes, but one is still left unprepared for the relentlessly bleak stories of betrayal, despair and desolation Crain delivers in an often pain-wracked […]

  • Posted on December 14