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2015 “Best of” Lists Show Love to Samantha Crain

I’d say it is pretty amazing to be featured in the following lists as one of their favorites for 2015! The 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2015 – The Best of the Best!  Check it out here. Folk Alley’s 10 Favorite Albums Of 2015 – – Check this one out here. Alt […]

  • Posted on December 14

Pancakes and Whiskey Interview: Samantha Crain Talks About Her New Record

“These songs were all based on people in my life in one way or another. Friends, family, people that I’ve met along the way. I know it wasn’t easy to take liberties with their stories, but I tried to make it just like I was writing a song about myself. I really tried to enter […]

  • Posted on August 25

The Norman Transcript-Under Branch & Thorn & Tree Album Review

Album Reviews: NTown’s Doug Hill reviews new releases from Samantha Crain / Aqueduct / Frank Brown  By Doug Hill Artist: Samantha Crain Album: “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree” This is Samantha Crain’s senior album. Her melancholy tone has changed little. Crain’s virtuosity as a vocalist, musician and songwriter has only grown through these first […]

  • Posted on August 20

Uncut Magazine Album Review – Samatha Crain – Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

Wonderful fourth from rising Oaklahoman Overall rating: SCORE 8 Product: Samatha Crain – Under Branch & Thorn & Tree For many, last year’s European debut Kid Face served as a compelling introduction to Samantha Crain. Though she’s been making records for the best part of ten years now, picking up plaudits from sympatico touring partners […]

  • Posted on August 10

Dusted Magazine CD Review-Samantha Crain-Under Branch & Thorn & Tree (Ramseur)

The comparisons to Woody Guthrie make sense — Oklahoma folk singers with class concerns — but they seem to miss the point. At her most natural, Samantha Crain’s a storyteller. If we want to keep dusty, maybe Steinbeck’s a better match. Under Branch & Thorn & Tree has been described as a protest album, which […]

  • Posted on August 4