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No Depression-Samantha Crain Digs Deep with Literate Story-Songs

Samantha Crain Digs Deep with Literate Story-Songs by Kim Ruehl July 29, 2015 Samantha Crain found her way to music through storytelling. It was during a fiction writing workshop that she really started exploring what her stories could do when set to melody. Though it would likely be untruthful to cast her first few recordings […]

  • Posted on July 30

Paste Magazine – Samantha Crain Gives The People Back Their Voice

Samantha Crain has just landed back in Oklahoma City following a long flight home from Alaska. She’s returning from her first string of tour dates performing in The Last Frontier since she began traveling about six years ago to promote her breakout album with the Midnight Shivers, Songs in the Night. “I don’t get to […]

  • Posted on July 15

LOOKatOKC – Common Folk: How Samantha Crain looked outward for her new album

Think about the origins of writing songs. So many popular genres found their roots in rebellion or escapism, in social commentary and activism, in broad messages of peace or war or love. Folk music in particular is dear to Oklahoma right now, with Woody Guthrie, during the 75th anniversary of his iconic “This Land Is […]

  • Posted on July 14

Shout4Music – Q&A

After unintentionally catching a live set from Samantha Crain some time ago, as part of Glasgow’s annual Celtic Connections celebrations, it was an equally pleasant surprise to receive an offer to pick the brain of this talented musician. Hailing from Oklahoma, Crain’s latest album ‘Under Branch & Thorn & Tree’ sees her reunite with producer […]

  • Posted on June 15

Diffuser – On Making a Protest Album: ‘Art Should Create the Life it Wants to See’

“You and I, we tell stories the TV won’t release,” Samantha Crain sings on “Outside of the Pale,” a song that appears on her upcoming full-length, Under Branch & Tree & Thorn. It’s a pretty profound and devastating commentary on the media’s select recognition of certain groups while systematically abandoning the voices of others. And […]

  • Posted on June 13