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Samantha Crain – You (Understood)

Samantha Crain’s new album You (Understood) should be the wake up call people need to finally elevate this superb talent.

The development & humor in the songcraft is beyond expectation. It meanders between slacker country & avant blues rock.

The melodies her voice carve come at you at segues; the music composition & guitar phrasing are extraordinarily confident.

Her wicked use of bagpipes to undercoat a guitar solo, almost in a call & response manner, is fucking genius.

The end song Toothpicks is blistering country punk pop. Brilliant way to finish the album. In fact, the sequencing is flawless.

As near to perfect as I’ve heard in a long time.

A pivotal record. Buy it.

(available June 8th)

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  • Posted on June 4